An account contract links an account to a specific campaign or verticals. Account contracts dictate a minimum lead score, maximum lead age, maximum multiplication, quality score and schedule

Quality score

The quality score of a contract is a numeric value between 1 and 1337. It can be used to influence contract selection while distributing leads. Contracts with a higher quality score are always chosen over equally qualified contracts. Quality score is mostly used to indicate the value of the contract for you company.

Maximum multiplication

Maximum multiplication specifies the willingness of the contract to share leads during the distribution process. Maximum multiplication limits the number of outbound leads that can be sold to additional contracts.  

Minimum lead score

When an inbound lead is received a lead score is attached to the lead based on business rules defined in the Campaign. A contract can opt out of leads when the lead score does not reach a certain level.

Maximum lead age

The maximum age of a lead that can be sold to the contract.


The schedule in which the contract is available for buying leads. It can be used to,  for instance, make sure a client only receives leads generated during business hours.

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