The account contains the financial information of your customer, like the billing address.

Account contract

An account contract links an account to a specific campaign and verticals.


A partner is a company that supplies you with inbound leads .Learn more about affiliates, partners, and commission here.

Auto Geo Coding

The location for a service area is based upon the predefined address fields.


A campaign is a way of collecting leads, e.g. a website or a form. A campaign can be eiter an inbound campaign or a lead distribution campaign, and can be organized in a tree with virtual campaigns.

Campaign version

A copy of a campaign where you can alter fields and Verticals.
Read more about campaign versions here.


A limit by amount or number set on either an account or an Account contract to control the number of leads generated in a period.


A category is fired from an inbound lead based on the Fields and their values. An Account contract then can choose it will either receive or not receive an outbound lead or a ping. A category can be defined either in a workflow or an account contract. Your lead buyer sees public categories, while private categories are not shown to the buyer. Read more about categories here.


A set of rules to determine the price you pay for an inbound lead of a partner. Learn more about affiliates, partners, and commison here.

Commission type

Either a Commission based on inbound leads received, or outbound leads generated. Learn more about affiliates, partners, and commison here.


Is a record of the collected unique company data found in an inbound lead .


Is a record of the collected unique personal data found in an inbound lead .


Either a partner contract or an account contract

Contract group

A contract group is an advanced method of making sure an account doesn't get the same inbound lead more then once if multiple contracts are defined.

Contract selection schedule

A schedule determining when a contract is up for distribution.

Contract: Affiliate

A partner contract

Credit line

How much outstanding credit used for paying for leads you allow your account to have. The credit can be unlimited, have a fixed amount, or not be available. A credit line can either be public or private. Learn more about different ways accounts can pay for leads here.


Determining in which language communication to your customer and partner is send out and how numbers and dates are rendered.


The currency in which your account is charged or your partner charges you. If this is different than your financial currency exchange rates are used. The exchange rates are updated every day at your midnight.

Customer Portal

The portal is the part of Xzazu where your customer can see their leads and more. You can add a user who has access to the portal from the account screen. Learn more about the customer portal here.


Getting your outbound lead or ping delivered to your lead buyer other than the portal.

Delivery method

The way an outbound lead is delivered: Sendgrid email delivery, Xzazu webhook, or Xzazu API delivery \ Zapier.

Delivery schedule

A schedule determining when an outbound lead is delivered.

Direct Post

Leads that come in are distributed instantly to customers that - according to their contracts - are willing to buy them.

Disable date

When unpublishing an account contract you can choose to either (deactivate) the contract immediately or pick a date in the future.

Dissaproved Leads

Leads that, either by a lead score rule or manually have been disapproved. Disapproved leads can not be distributed, but can be reapproved.


A workflow distribution rule which selects the available customers based on distance.The distance is calculated between the location of an inbound lead and the closed location of an account contract.


The finding of contracts to create outbound leads from a lead distribution campaign. Learn more about all the different ways to distribute here

Distribution rule

The rule set in a workflow step determining which contracts are picked and how they are optimized.

Distribution Window

Rechecking of contracts after a window of time passed. To find contract which previously either were capped or didn't have funds, whose settings have been changed or have been added. Learn more about distribution windows here.

Draft Campaign

A campaign that cannot receive leads yet and can't have contracts added to it. Learn more about the different statuses of campaigns < a href="">here.

Field label

A label set for a field in a workflow. This label is shown to your customer.

First day of week

The day a week is perceived to start. It is set automatically.

Free Leads

The number of leads given to an account contract for which no money will be deducted from the account. Learn more about different ways accounts can pay for leads here.

Inbound lead

Inbound Leads are leads that are posted into the Xzazu system, for instance, from your web form. Learn more about the different ways to enter an inbound lead here.

Inbound lead campaign

A campaign creating leads not meant for distribution.

Lead distribution campaign

A campaign creating leads meant for distribution.

Lead label

You can add one or more labels to your inbound leads to help you organize them.

Lead Pricing

There are several levels at which you can set the price for your leads. The pricing follows the Xzazu ‘from general to granular’principle. You can set a price on vertical, workflow, and contract level. The price in the contract overrules the one in the workflow, the worfklow price the vertical price, and so on.

Lead Score

A number signifying the quality of an inbound lead , based upon lead score rules. Account contracts can set a minimum lead score.

Lead score rule

A rule set in a workflow determining the lead score or disapproving of a lead.


The logo of either an account, affiliate partner, or your company.

Manual Distribution

Instead of letting Xzazu automatically check for contracts, you do it manually, giving you the possibility to see what happens and override some default choices. Learn more about manual distribution here.

Max turnover

A workflow distribution rule which selects the available customers that maximize the turnover generated. The price of a trial contract lead is interpreted as well for the turnover.

Maximum lead age

Limiting the age of a lead an account contract wants to receive. Found in the selection tab of the account contract settings.

Maxiumum multiplication

A workflow distribution rule which selects the available customers that maximize the outbound leads generated.

Minimum lead score

The minimum lead score an account contract which a contract wants to receive. Found in the selection tab of the account contract settings.

Minimum Leads Sold

A workflow setting making sure a lead is sold at least this time in either a step or a step rule.

Minimum Turnover

A workflow setting making sure a lead is sold at least for this amount in either a step or a step rule. If in different currencies, it is converted to your financial currency.


Most of our customers use an inbound lead to generate several Outbound Leads. In many business cases, a maximum is set for the amount of Outbound Leads that can be generated from one inbound lead .

Outbound lead

Outbound Leads are leads that are distributed by the system, so leads delivered to your customers.


A affiliate supplier of inbound leads with a single currency.

Partner contract

Ties a partner to a specific campaign version and has a commission or can inform you of the price as a supplier.


The partial lead send to a customer, so he can decide if he wants to purchase the complete lead. The ping also contains public categories.

Ping Bidding

Works like an auction. Customers get a Ping with partial lead information. They can bid on a lead with a price or a combination of a price and Share Count (e.g., I bid $100 if I get the lead exclusive or $50 if I share the lead with one other buyer).

Ping Fields

The fields send out it an ping

Ping Post

Partial lead information is sent to your customers in a Ping. Based on this information, customers have the opportunity to accept or reject the lead. You set the time your customers have to react. When the period ends, the system optimizes the selection and sends out the leads.

Ping Post Direct Buy

Works mostly like Ping Post, but after a customer accepts a Ping, the lead is delivered to your customer instantly.

Ping Tree Bidding

Like Ping Bidding, but with different rounds for different groups of clients.

Portal Name

The name of a contract which can be seen in the customer portal, which can be set in the contract.

Pre-defined Lead fields

Fields already created by Xzazu which enable more functionality and help you keep your data consistent. While the name is pre-defined, you can set a field label that is shown to your customer.


Prepayment is the money you have received from your customer beforehand to buy leads. Learn more about different ways to have your customers pay for your leads here.

Prepayment bonus

If you want, you can when entering a prepayment as a prepayment bonus, giving you customers some free value for paying beforehand.


In xzazu, we, in several cases, differentiate between public and private. Private means it is for you as an Xzazu user only.

Private Fields

Fields that are for you only. Because you want to use them later, save information, or use them in lead score rules or categories.


In xzazu, we, in several cases, differentiate between public and private. Public means it can be seen by your customer.

Publish date

When publishing an account contract, you can choose to either publish (activate) the contract immediately, or you can pick a date in the future to publish the contract later.

Published Account

Meaning that one or more of the account's contract has been published and receiving leads.

Published Campaign

A campaign which is creating inbound lead s which are sold. Because of possible integrations, fields of a published campaign cannot be changed. You can use campaign versions if you need, or want, to change the fields.

Published Contracts

A contract ready to receive outbound leads.

Purchase Order

The amount your partner is allowed to charge you for a specified period.


Quality score

Quality score

The quality score of a contract is a numeric value between 1 and 1337, depicting the quality of a contract to you. It can be used to influence contract selection while distributing leads.


In the queue, inbound lead s are collected which can't be distributed for a reason. I.e. the required fields are not filled, etc.


A workflow distribution rule which selects the available customers randomly.

Required Fields

Required fields have to bee submitted when adding an inbound lead to Xzazu. If the requirement is not met, the lead will not be processed but transferred to the queue where it can be repaired.


A return is an outbound lead that your lead buyer doesn't want. It can be entered in the portal, or entered in Xzazu. It can later be approved or disapproved. Learn more about returns here.

Round Robin

A workflow distribution rule which selects the available customers based on who hasn't received a lead the longest.


A scale is used in a commission for a customer. This way, you can differ the commission based upon the number of leads generated.


A schedule makes it possible to differentiate based upon the time. Either for automatically distribution, Contract selection, or delivery. The latter two are based on the timezone of the customer.


A inbound lead generated by an affiliate partner which you decedided you will not be paid to partner.

Scrub wait days

The number of days in which you can scrub an inbound lead generated by an affiliate partner.

Service area

Determines which geographical area a inbound lead is, or which geographical area a an account contract wants to get.

Share count

The number of other contracts your customer wants to share the same inbound lead with. It is set in the settings of an account contract. To overall multiplication of a lead is set in the campaign workflow. Learn more about share count here.


A workflow step contains information about the distribution to be done. You can add different steps to combine one or more distributions.

Supplier contrat

A particular type of an affiliate partner contract where the partner is allowed to give the price he wants to receive upon inserting the inbound lead.


Tags can be added to account contracts. This way, you can organize your contracts any way you want. The tags can be used in the distribution of a campaign workflow.


A campaign or a partner contract can be in test. This way. you can test the incoming results without them being send out to clients. Partner test leads can be found in only the partner screens.

Test Campaign

A test campaign allows you to test the working of a campaign. During the test phase inbound lead s will show op in the inbound lead grid. Outbound leads will be generated but not charged. Outbound leads will not be delivered to your customer unless you set the delivery method or portal user to receive test leads.

Test Lead

A lead that has been generated during test. It can be either an inbound or an outbound lead. Test leads are not charged to your customer.

Time Zone

The timezone in which your company, an account, or affiliate partner resides.


A transaction depicts any financial interaction with an account.


An account contract that wants to try out the service before paying. It will stop receiving leads when the contract has no more trial leads. At this moment, or an earlier moment, it can be converted to a paying contract. Any remaining trial leads will become free leads.


A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or another group of customers with specialized needs.

Virtual campaign

A way of organising and reporting on different campaigns, a virtual campaign can not generated inbound leads .

Virutal vertical

A way of organising and reporting on different verticals, a virtual vertical can not generated inbound leads.

Week type

The way week numbering is done either ISO standard or US standard. Is set automatically.


A workflow is defining the rules for collecting information from verticals in a campaign and how to distribute them.