In this article we will cover delivering outbound leads to your customers through Zapier.

Step 1 Create a Zapier delivery method

Open the settings of the contract of the client that wishes to receive leads through Zapier and navigate to the delivery tab.

Under “Add delivery method” select “Xzazu API Delivery \ Zapier” and click “Add”;

A “Api delivery method” will be created and an API Key generated.
This API key needs to be communicated to your client because it is needed during Zapier integration process. An API key is confidential and can only be used by one client. Every client that uses Zapier delivery needs their own API Key.

Click “Add delivery method” and Save the contract settings.

Step 2 Setup Zapier for lead delivery

Your client, or you if you are doing the setup  process for them, needs to log into Zapier using their Zapier account.

After logging in click on the “Make a Zap!” button at the top right of the screen.

Under “Choose a Trigger App” select “Xzazu”.

Select the “New Outbound Lead” trigger and click on “Save + Continue”.

Now we need to setup the connection between Zapier and Xzazu using the API key we created in Step 1.

Select “Connect and Account”. In the following screen supply Zapier with your Xzazu subdomain => client and provide the API Key generated in step 1.

After the connection to Xzazu is made click “Save + Continue”.

At this point your client needs a undelivered lead (or lead that is redelivered) for the Xzazu delivery method to continue. If your client does not have any undelivered leads navigate to an Outbound Lead for that client and click on “Send or Resend” next to ApiDelivery / Zapier in the delivery section of the lead.

Zapier will pull in a sample lead.

The Xzazu portion of creating the Zapp is now done. Any Zapier app can be used as the action step. If you need more info on creating an action step we would like to direct you to the Zapier support pages.