Service areas

Service areas are means of using geodata (latitudes en longitudes) or thery address fields in auto to map customers to inbound leads.

You can define up to 3 service area's in a campaign workflow once you have a geo field.

Some examples:

  • location of customer
  • Location of customer & location of a new house
  • From location & To location etc

In the campaign workflow, you can also set which options you have to add customer areas to the service area

  • Shapes
  • Radii
  • Dropdowns

Once you add or edit a contract you can then select a region by:

  • from one of the dropdowns you have set in the service area
  • Draw a shape if shapes are enabled. If you draw a shape you have to give it a unique name for the account \ client. And select it once named
  • To add a radius you can select a location predefined in the Account settings, or add a location directly in the contract.  You find this section if you scroll drown in the service area tab of the contract settings. You then set the radius.

To have a an address auto geocoded it should at least containt a country field, and either an city,state or postal code.