Terms and concepts


Account The account contains the financial information of your customer, like the billing address. Account contract An account contract links an account (#account) to a specific campaign (#campaign) and verticals (#vertical). Affiliate A partner (#partner) is a company that supplies you with inbound leads (#inbound-lead) .Learn more about affiliates, partners, and commission here. Auto Distribution An inbound lead (#inbound-lead) is automatically distributed (#distribute) as oposs...

Inbound Leads vs. Outbound Leads

To distinguish between leads coming into the system and leads going out of the system we use the terms Inbound Leads and Outbound Leads. Inbound Leads are leads that are posted into the Xzazu system, for instance from your webform. Outbound Leads are leads that are distributed by the system, so leads delivered to your customers.

Xzazu distribution at work: checking inbound leads against contracts

Let’s say you have 100 clients in the system. An inbound lead comes in. You have set the ShareCount at 5. Which 5 clients will you sell your lead to? In order to decide this, Xzazu compares the inbound lead to the different contracts.

Direct Post

Leads that come in are distributed instantly (or manually) to customers that - according to their contracts - are willing to buy them. The system optimizes the selection for you, according to the rules you set (Max Turnover, Round Robin etc.)

Ping Post

Partial lead information is sent to your customers in a Ping. Based on this information customers have the opportunity to accept or reject the lead. You set the period of time your customers have to react. When the period ends, the system optimizes the selection and sends out the leads.

Ping Post Direct Buy

Works largely like Ping Post (https://support.xzazu.com/421263-Ping-Post ), but after acceptation of a Ping the lead is delivered to your customer instantly.

Ping Bidding

Works like an auction. Customers get a Ping with partial lead information. They can bid on a lead with a price or a combination of a price and Share Count (https://support.xzazu.com/522222-Share-count) (e.g. I bid $100 if I get the lead exclusive or $50 if I share the lead with one other buyer). After the period you’ve set ends, the system optimizes the selection and sends out the leads.

Ping Tree Bidding

Like Ping Bidding (https://support.xzazu.com/469816-Ping-Bidding), but with succesive steps for different groups of clients.

Combining Ping Post, Direct Post and/or Ping Bidding

You can make combinations of these methods within a Workflow. So you can for instance first see if a selection of your customers is interested in a Direct Buy (https://support.xzazu.com/074824-Ping-Post-Direct-Buy), before entering a Ping Bidding (https://support.xzazu.com/469816-Ping-Bidding) Auction. Combine two rounds of Ping Bidding to form Ping Tree Bidding (https://support.xzazu.com/857037-Ping-Tree-Bidding). Or add a Direct Post (https://support.xzazu.com/942232-Direct-Post) to deliver ...

Campaign statuses

There are five different statuses a campaign version can have, shown here in their natural order: - Draft - Test - Published - Sundowened - Deleted Draft A draft campaign is there for you to design a new campaign and workflow. It cannot contain inbound leads, account contracts, nor partner contracts. You can change everything for workflows in a draft campaign. A draft campaign can be deleted or promoted to a test or published status. Test A test campaign is there for...

Campaign versions

A campaign can have multiple versions. In this way, if you have to change anything to the fields of a published campaign, you can copy all the settings from a previous version. The new version will always start in draft status, meaning you can change everything you want to. Concerning account contracts, account contracts have, by default, the setting "allow newer versions". Meaning that those contracts will also receive leads for the newer version of the campaign. Of course, if they have an...


Categories are a way of differentiating different leads, by building logic based on one or more fields. The categories can be either defined in a campaign workflow, or in a contract. A category can change the base price of a lead, an can be either included (opt-in) or excluded (opt-out) from a contract. NB: the price of a lead is therefore based on the base price and the sum of the changes off the categories which are active. A contract can also opt-in or opt-out of a vertical without a cate...

Lead score

Lead score is an indication of how valuable you deem the lead to be either to you or your customer. Lead score can be set either manually or by lead score rules based on one or more fields in a campaign workflow. Lead score can also be used in the selection of the contracts who want the lead, by setting the minimum lead score the contract accepts. The lead score has a range from 1 to 1337. Furthermore, lead score rules in a campaign workflow can also be used to automatically disapprove an in...

Service areas

Service areas are means of using geodata (latitudes en longitudes) or thery address fields in auto to map customers to inbound leads. You can define up to 3 service area's in a campaign workflow once you have a geo field. Some examples: - location of customer - Location of customer & location of a new house - From location & To location etc In the campaign workflow, you can also set which options you have to add customer areas to the service area - Shapes - Radii - Dropdo...

Share count

Most of our customers use an Inbound Lead to generate several Outbound Leads. In many business cases, a maximum is set for the amount of Outbound Leads that can be generated from one Inbound Lead. For instance, the data from one inbound lead is sent to a maximum of 5 lead buyers. Within Xzazu, this maximum number constitutes the ShareCount.