Rebooking is a means to adapt the original way payment was booked for an outbound lead. Quite often this used to either change the amount of claim credit used and or prepayment is used.
You access rebooking by going to the Account screen and then selection transactions. From the top of your screen, you then select rebook.
The rebook button is only available when a rebooking is possible.
You can rebook either all outbound leads which aren't invoiced or do it for a specific invoice period.
The rebooking screen shows the amount left to rebook, the different payment methods available, and how much room there is to adapt.
You can adapt the methods by either clicking on the 0 or max button or changing the amount in the box on the left under the payment method.
First, you have to decrease one or more amounts currently booked.
Secondly, you can then increase one or more amounts.
If you don't have any amount left to rebook you can save.

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