The webhook delivery method sends the email to an URL.

The URL should responsd 200 status ok if the delivery is correct and the correct error code (400 or others) when it isn't correct.

The URL can also contain an APIKey this will be included as parameter api_key in the header of the post.

The body contains a JSON with the following structure




   "Categories":["Category1", "Category2"],




   "Fields":{"ExampleStrting":"/r/n/t blaat "










ContractId Is a nullable int,

LeadScore has a value between 0 en 1337

VerticalId is a not nullable int

Categories is an array of String which can be empty.

The fields is array of key value, The key is the FieldName of the field in the workflow.

Secret fields will not be posted.

A mapping can be added to change the FieldName to another key value.

The timezone of dates is in UTC.

If the same lead is sent out more than once to the same delivery method the D00 part is added for clarity and incremented every delivery.

If your client does not need to make any distinction between resends , they could split the LeadId on D, for instance. The first part of the Id stays the same.