Distribution can be done in 2 ways; either manually or automatically.

Another way to get a lead to a client is by cherry-picking an inbound lead.


To automatically distribute your lead, it has to have a campaign.

Leads without campaign can only be manually distributed or cherry-picked.


A lead can be distributed automatically by setting this in the workflow distribution options.

Here you have the option to only distribute when the inbound lead is coming in, or also check periodically if there are new contracts available for this inbound lead (a so-called window).


If an outbound lead is in an auto-distribution window, you can pause, edit or stop the auto-distribution.

If an outbound lead is not in an auto-distribution window, you can manually distribute or add an auto-distribution window.


In all modes of distribution, you have to select the rule(s) by which we pick the right companies for you, they are called Contract selection rules.

Take: Select at  most this amount of contracts.

Min turnover by rule: A rule is skipped if the minimum value is not reached.

Mode Short description
QS Sorts the contracts by Quality Score, when multiple contracts have the same quality score,the contract with the highest price is selected.
Random Sorts the contracts completely random.
Round Robin Round Robin  Sorts the contracts by last outbound lead received date. If the contract did not receive any leads, the date of contract creating is used.
Distance Sorts the contracts by nearest distance. Distance is calculated by the account locations of a contract and the service area Geo Field of the inbound lead.
Free Trial Sorts the contracts first by trial contracts and then the paid contracts based on price.
Turnover Maximizes the turnover 
Lead count Maximizes the outbound lead count

In every rule, the max share count of each contract is considered.

If there are equally placed contracts,  they are then further sorted by QS and Price.

Total selection minimums: auto distribution is not done when the minimums are not reached

The maximum multiplication set in the workflow is always respected.



If you want to influence the distribution you can select manual distribution.



Cherry-picked outbound leads do not count as distributed leads and will therefore not affect distribution or are affected by distribution. They do not count towards the maximum share count and are not included in any active caps. 


In the distribution dropdown you can also see the distribution history. This will give you an overview of all attempted distributions, either by users or by the system.

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