Return an Outbound Lead

Return an Outbound Lead

Manually returning an outbound lead for one of your clients in Xzazu can be done as follows:

1. Go to the outbound lead in Xzazu you wish to return.     

2. Select return on the top right of the page and click one Change Status.\

The following screen will appear:


3. Select a claim reason (why the lead is returned) and optionally provide a comment.

4. Depending on your return policy you can either:

  • Directly approve the return (Claim approved)
  • Disapprove the return (This is displayed in the client portal together with the reason) (If the Client Portal Settings allow returns to be shown)
  • Enter a pending return. The return will move to the return pending list in Xzazu where it can be reviewed further and approved or disapproved later. 

5. If the claim is approved the refund for the outbound lead can be processed in two ways:

  • Deduct from invoice, the price of the lead will be deducted from the next invoice for this account. 
  • Generate claim credit, Claim credit is created for the account, which will be used to pay for future leads. 

6. Click Save.


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