Using Xzazu without campaigns and workflows

While we always suggest using Campaigns and Workflows, sometimes you just want to use Xzazu in a way with even less setup.

The options for working with leads without a campaign are less flexible than in a workflow, but you have the following options:

  • Use a vertical or not
  • Auto distribute: if a lead comes in it will automatically be distributed to direct post contracts, for the vertical or without a vertical
  • Use auto-geocoding: You need to supply one or more address fields (City, PostalCode, State, Address line) and optional a Country.

We then derive the location of the incoming lead to match your customers

  • Use NumVerify email verification
  • Use NeverBounce email verification
  • Deduplicate leads coming in without a campaign for a period of time

All these things have to be set up by our team, but we are happy to do that for you. Just drop us a line.

To see which fields are standard available go to the inbound lead list screen, by clicking leads on the left of your screen and then inbound.

If you now click “Add” on the top of your screen, you will see the standard fields which are available.

If you want to add other fields, just go to settings on the top left of your screen and click on the fields subsection. You then can add custom fields to a custom group.