In the company settings you can set the following: Company - Logo - Name - Email - Phone - System email - System email from name - Page size Address Financial - Chamber of commerce id - VAT Number - Financial email - Financial email from name Colors Colors used in the communications - Header color - Header font color - Secondary color - Main font color


In the user settings You can add, edit, disable and delete users. As well as force a password reset. A user can be either an admin, having access to settings, or a normal user without access to settings. The first user, is the user use to generate the Xzazu account. This account is always an admin. If you want the first user to be changed you have to contact


A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or another group of customers with specialized needs. You can define multiple verticals and to keep them organized and help you with reporting you can also create virtual verticals. Virtual verticals cannot generate leads themselves. A vertical can be deleted if it not in use anymore. A vertical can be unselectable if you don't want it to be used in new campaigns. For a verti...


In the fields settings, you can edit your default fields. Helping you to keep the fields always the same within different campaigns.


in the finance settings you manage - your financial years - your default invoice settings - your default purchase order settings - the countries in which you are active - the currencies in which you do business


A commission is a set of rules for calculating the pay-out to a partner for a contract.


In the contact settings, you can set the retention period for the contacts based on which country they are from. This can be either unlimited or a period amount. To assist you it is shown if a country enforces GDPR rules. If a country from which the contact enforces GDPR rules the default is either your default retention setting if it is not unlimited or 26 months. After the retention period is over the GDPR affected fields of a lead are removed A contact is forgotten if the last inbound le...


Schedules can be used either for distribution, contract selection or delivery. Schedules can be added and edited. When a schedule is not selectable it cannot be used in new campaigns, contracts and/or deliveries. A schedule can be deleted if it is not longer in use

API keys

API keys are used in interaction with either the API ( Either by your integration with the API (, or by a Zapier ( or by the bring your own form ( integration using the javascript. An API-key can be added or deleted. An API-key can either be active or inactive.