Term Short Description
Account An account is a company\entity which buys leads from you through Xzazu.
Account contract An account contract links an account to a specific campaign or verticals. 
Affiliate Partners that supply you with inbound leads.
Auto Distribution schedule A schedule determining when a inbound lead will be auto distributed
Campaign A predifined way of collecting leads for one or more verticals.
Campaign type The type of campaign: distribution,inbound or virtual
Campaign version The version of a campaign
Cap A limit rule set on either an account or account contract
Commission A set of rules to determine the price you pay for an inbound lead of a partner
Commission type Either a commision based on inbound leads received, or outbound leads generated
Company Is a record of the collected unique company data found in an inbound lead.
Contact Is a record of the collected unique personal data found in an inbound lead.
Contract Either a partner contract or a account contract
Contract group A contract group is an advanced method of making sure an account doesn't get the same inbound lead more then once if it has multiple contracts defined.
Contract selection schedule A schedule determining when a contract is up for distribuion
Culture Determinging in which language communication will be send out and how numbers and dates are rendered
Delivery Getting your outbound lead to your lead buyer
Delivery method The way a outbound lead is delivered: Sendgrid email delivery,Xzazu webhook or Xzazu api delivery \ Zapier
Delivery schedule A schedule determining when a outbound lead will be delivered
First day of week The day a week is perceived to start. Is set automatically
Free leads The number of leads given to an account contract for which no money will be deducted from the account
Inbound lead A received set of information generated in a campaign
Inbound lead campaign A campaign creating leads not meant for distribution
Items to purchase order Items which will appear on the next invoice
Lead distribution campaign A campaign creating leads meant for distribution
Logo The logo of either an account, affiliate partner or your company
Maximum lead age The maximum age of a lead that can be sold to the contract
Maxiumum multiplication Maximum multiplication specifies the willingness of the contract to share leads 
Minimum lead score A contract can opt out of leads when the lead score does not reach a certain level.
Outbound lead An inbound lead is a collection of fields which you have collected or bought.
Partner A supplier of inbound leads with a single currency
Partner contract Ties a partner to a specific campaign version and a commission
QS Quality score
Quality score The quality score of a contract is a numeric value between 1 and 1337. It can be used to influence contract selection while distributing leads.
Queue In the queue, inbound leads are collected which can't be distributed for a reason
Returns A return is an outbound lead which you're account \ lead buyer doesn't want. 
Scale A period of time in which different pay-outs can be selected in a commission
Schedule Can be either a Auto distribution, contract selection or delivery method schedule
Scrub A inbound lead generated by an affiliate partner which will not be paid to partner
Scrub wait days The number of days in which you can scrub an inbound lead generated by an affiliate partner
Service area Determines which geographical area a inbound lead is, or which geographical area a an account contract wants to get
Test A campaign or a partner contract can be in test. This way you can test the incomming results without them being send out to clients. Can be found in only the respecitve screens
Timezone The timezone in which your company, an account or affiliate partner uses
Trial An account contract which wants to try out the service before paying
Vertical A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or another group of customers with specialized needs.
Virtual campaign A way of organising and reporting on different campaigns, a virtual campaign can not generated inbound leads
Virutal vertical A way of organising and reporting on different verticals, a virtual vertical can not generated inbound leads
Week type The way week numbering is done either ISO standard or US standard. Is set automatically
Workflow A workflow is defining the rules for collecting information from verticals in a campaign