Campaign statuses

There are five different statuses a campaign version can have, shown here in their natural order:


A draft campaign is there for you to design a new campaign and workflow.
It cannot contain inbound leads, account contracts, nor partner contracts.
You can change everything for workflows in a draft campaign.
A draft campaign can be deleted or promoted to a test or published status.


A test campaign is there for you to test the integrations and distributions.
It can contain inbound leads, outbound leads, account contracts, and partner contracts.

You can still change everything for workflows in a draft campaign.
But beware, you can choose changes that will affect the account and partner contracts you have created and the integrations.
A tool for you to see it this has happened you can use the "Contracts with outdated settings" report.

Inbound leads will show up in your inbound lead list as well in the campaign and workflow view.
But only while in the campaign is in test mode.

You can distribute inbound leads in a test campaign.
The generated outbound leads will not be charged to your lead buyers, so there are no financial consequences for your customers.
If you want the outbound leads to show up in the portal, you have to adjust the settings for the portal user.
Likewise, if you want them to receive the test for other delivery methods, you have to set the "Send test" button for those delivery methods to on.
Outbound leads only are shown in the inbound lead screen, not in the account, account contract, or outbound lead list screens.

You can also add partner contracts to a test campaign.
The leads generated by your partners will not show up as cost nor on the purchase order.
Those leads will are visible in the partner, partner contract, and inbound lead list.

Test inbound and outbound leads do not show up in reporting.

You can promote a test campaign, and you can delete a test campaign.


A published campaign generates real inbound leads, and real outbound leads for you.

Since customers, partners, and integrations can depend on fields;
the fields cannot be changed, added, or removed in a published campaign.
Als you cannot add or remove verticals and workflows.
If you want any of these, you have to create a new version of the campaign.
You can do this from the campaign screen by using the add button.

A published campaign can be sundown or deleted.


A sundowned campaign cannot be used but is instead a state before deletion.
This way, you can make sure the campaign is not used anymore, before deletion.
You can republish or delete a sundowned campaign.


Once you have deleted a campaign, you can only see the information of the deleted campaign. N.B. You cannot undelete a campaign.