How-to: Client

Let’s add the a client to the system.
Select clients on the menu on the left of the screen.
Every client has an Account and one or more Contracts.
You can see both Accounts and Contracts as sub menu items.



The account contains the financial information of your customer, like the billing address.

Click on the "Clients" on the left of the screen to open the sub-selection.
Then click on the "Accounts" under it to opem the account overview screen.
Then click on "Add" on the top bar menu.

The "Add account" popup appears.

First name your account and give an email address where you can send your customer invoices.
You can also add your customers logo

Add your customers billing address.

The currency is preset according to the Country in your customers billing address.
The same applies for VAT.
The Vat can be changed until the first invoice, the currency is fixed


After saving, click on ‘go to Account’.




An account contract links an account to a specific campaign or verticals.
Contract are added from the Account detail screen.
If you are not currently on this page, go to the account detail screen by first selecting the "Clients - Accounts" from the left of your screen.
And then clicking on the account you want to which you want to add a contract.
Select Add Contract on the top left of your screen.


Name your contract.
It is useful to choose descriptive names.
The customers will see the Poral Name in their customer portal, so choose a name which is informative for your customer there.
Select a Campaign.
If there is more then 1 version of your campaign you also have to choose the version.
Include newer versions has to do with version management.
We advise Yes as standard setting, so you don’t have to worry about changing contracts when you add a new campaign version.
When the campaign also has older versions, you can select old versions as well.
Read more about campaign versions here.

Select a Contract Type.
I only have Direct Post here as an option, because I selected it as the only option in the Campaign Workflow.
You can choose Trial if you want to give your client a Free Trial before becoming a paying customer.>
If you choose Trial, you can select how many trial-leads the contract will receive.

Verticals and Pricing

Set the price for leads in this contract.
If you have defined a price before, that price will show, but you are free to change it.
You can select Categories in which your client is interested, if you have defined them in the Workflow.
Read more about the use of Categories.
Where you will also find how to add a special category for a contract.

Service Area’s

Select the area’s your client wants to receive leads from.
The area’s you can chose are defined in the Worfklow.

Read here how to work with Shapes or Radius.

16. Selection

The maximum lead multiplication here is the multiplication you agreed upon with your client for this contract.
Maybe your standard is 5, but this customer only wants to share with 2 in this contract, with the price accordingly higher.
Remember: one account can have multiple contracts.
The other options are described here.
We advise you to start with the standard settings for:

  • Minimum lead score
  • maxiumum lead age
  • Schedule
  • Contract Group
  • QS (Quality Score)
  • Tags



Only Published contracts are active, so can receive leads.
Publish the contract immediately or pick any date in the future.
NB! Beware if the campaign is active, the contract will receive leads directly.

If for instance you want to add a cap, or an email delivery fist leave the contract unpublished until you are happy with the contract.