How-to: Create inbound leads

So, you have a Campaign. You have a Workflow.
You added your 1st Client, with an Account and a Contract.
It’s time to send in your 1st lead and see what happens!

2Of course there are many ways to send leads into your Xzazu environment.
Read more about all the different possibilities here.
But for now, we are going to do one manually, which can be great for test purposes, or , for instance, to add one lead coming an unusual source.

Under ‘Leads’ in the menu on the left, select ‘Inbound Leads’.
Then select Add and a screen to add a new lead will appear.

Then select Add and a screen to add a new lead will appear.

Select the Campaign and then the Vertical to which you want to add a lead
Press "Next"

You will see all the fields defined for the Campaign you selected.
As you may remember, the lead fields were defined in the Workflow.

Add the info you want to the fields.
You’ll notice that fields you designated as ‘Required’ always need to be filled.
Fields not designated as Required can be left empty.

NB! if you want to have your contract selected and you have used a Service Area to use an address which is within the selected area.

Click "Next".


You can add extra info or leave these fields empty.
The info you add can be used anaylse your data further in reporting or have extra information available while you review your inbound lead.
Now click Save.

After a few seconds your lead will appear under Inbound Leads. Click the lead to open it and see the info it contains.