Affiliate performance

The affiliate performance report is there to help you give insight into how well one or more affiliate partners and/or partner contracts are working out for you.

Amongst the columns shown are inbound leads generated, outbound leads generated, scrubs, disapprovals, cost, turnover, and ROI.

The params (parameters) are:


From & Till 


 1) Group by  -- with the options

  • Date
  • Campaigns
  • Verticals
  • Markups
  • Regions
  • Partners
  • Contracts
  • Sources
  • Source types
  • Source id

2) Region Groups (Only when group by Regions)

   the different drop downs you have will be shown


1) Inbound type

    either or Lead Distribution, Inbound lead

2) Campaigns

3) Versions

4) Verticals

5) Categories

6) Region Group

7) Regions (only when Region group is selected)

8) Partners

9) Contracts

10) Source types

11) Sources


 Count either or Distributed leads and Cherry pick Leads